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obgyn near meOB/GYN is an abbreviation for ‘Obstetrics and Gynecology’ — otherwise known as two types of surgical specialties dealing with female reproductive organs.

The doctors that specialize in this type of medical practice have spent time in postgraduate programs in order to become experts on the matter. I’m guessing that you’re looking for an OBGYN since you searched for OBGYN near me or a similar term and found this page. Are you dealing with an OB/GYN issue? Search OB/GYN practices in the map (below).


OBGYN Nearby


Unfortunately in more rural areas general practitioners sometimes double as obstetrical experts due to the lack of clinics specifically dedicated to the issue. It is not to say that these practitioners are unqualified but may explain why there is a lack of options in the map (above). If you have any doubt it might be worth traveling to a larger city in order to consult a specialist.

• A gynecologist helps…prevent, diagnose and treat issues related to the female reproductive system thus all their patients are female.

• An obstetrician helps…women with many of the same issues as a gynecologist though is generally associated more with the pregnancy stage offering prenatal care and ultrasounds.
Please keep in-mind that while specialists spent years in the classroom and many more in the clinic – they are not perfect. Sometimes it is important to get a second opinion especially when dealing with serious issues such as cancer.


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