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Bakeries Near Me


You’re strolling down Main Street and your stomach begins to churn. Then, a pleasing and inviting aroma begins to fill your nostrils. It’s the scent of freshly baked bread. Or the delicious scent of a pie just removed from the oven. You begin to lick your lips at the thought of biting into a homemade pastry or cookie. But your eyes open and you realize it was only a fantasy – you’re still at home. Are you searching for bakeries near you?

Bakeries Nearby


bakeries near meYou can never have enough of locally owned bakeries in one neighborhood. There are countless varieties of bread, cakes, pies, cookies and pastries, and once you’ve tried one you want to try them all. If you plan on treating yourself (or others) to a baked good today be sure to call in advance as some bakeries have select hours of operation. There are also a few national brand bakeries located throughout the United States.


• Cinnabon
• Dewey’s Bakery
• Hostess
• Gus’s Pretzels
• Krispy Kreme
• The King’s Bakery
• Panera Bread
• Schmidt Bakery
• And many more!

While a lot of customers prefer small businesses when it comes to purchasing baked goods the national chains (above) are not to be overlooked. Some of them, actually, have reputations that date back several decades.


Bakeries Near Me
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